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Best Gaming Solutions: Graphic Cards less than $200

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Anytime you want to enjoy a high quality video, you never want to forget using a graphic card. The card also comes in handy if you want to enjoy videos in the ultra setting mode. Graphic cards are used along with powerful CPUs. They help you watch content even at a maximum of 60fps. Retailing between $100- $200, the graphic cards last over two 2 years even at ultra high setting mode.
If you are a gamer looking to enjoy content at 1080 pixels, you can also get a graphic card for less than $200. The cards still achieve high definition capabilities though they appear cheaper compared to their counterparts. To be specific, the 1080p graphic cards are designed to work efficiently at 60fps. At 40fps, the cards also work extremely well before getting to the ultra setting mode.
Also available on the market are graphic cards that cost well between $500 and $600. If you have some cash to throw around, these are definitely the best options. The cards are designed to work with Intel Core 5 processors. They also work well with other processors such as AMD Ryzen processors. The cards reviewed below are Direct 12 compatible. You will not be disappointed by their overall performance.

Gigabyte GTX 1050 2GB OCEVGA GeForce GTX 1050 ti SC 4GB

Product features

  • 2GB VRAM
  • 128-bit memory interface
  • 640 Cuda Cores
  • HDMI, DVID and Display port outputs

Product description

This is one of the best cards available in the market for 1080p as it allows you to view nothing but on ultra setting mode. Enjoy videos such as Doom and Rise of The Tomb Raider at their best quality. The Gigabyte GTX is designed for electronic sports with average intensity such as Dead by Daylight and Overwatch.

Features and specs

Two fans covered with a shroud are placed on the graphic card’s exterior. The fans enable the card to control the heat by releasing it thanks to the aluminum heat sink. It cools off pretty well and we expect more from the manufacturer.

Gigabyte cards have two modes namely the Gaming and the OC mode. Each mode has its score and boost clock. The gaming mode has a core of 1379 and a boost clock of 1493Mhz. The OC mode slightly varies with a core of 1404 and a boost clock of 1518Mhz.

Another key feature of the Gigabyte card is the 2GB Random Access Memory that allows you to get the best graphic settings without much struggle. Gigabyte cards do not perform optimally at 60fps. It does a pretty good job with esport games.

The card sources it power from PCI-Ex 16 which is located on it’s own motherboard. No external power sources are required.

EVGA GeForce GTX 1050 ti SC 4GBGigabyte GTX 1050 2GB OC

Product features

  • 4GB Gddr5 memory
  • 768 Cuda core

Product description

VRAM never disappoints for gamers who love enjoying content at ultra high settings. Most games being released to the market such as the Witcher 3 are incorporating VRAM. The 4GB memory capacities ensures that the quality of the graphics is consistently topnotch.

The GeForce 1050 to is an improvement of the GeForce 1050. It is 20 times faster than its predecessor. GTX cards are designed using the Pascal architecture which makes the Graphic card more efficient on power use. GTX 1050 ti does not include 6-pin and 8-pin ports for power. Compared to RX 170, this card is much slower but comes at a very good price.

NVidia, the manufacturer, has also introduced another card- the EVGA SC edition which is very similar to the EVGA GeForce. It is comes in a compact size which make it portable. Both graphic cards are excellent choices especially for small gaming platforms. Unlike other brands, the two will definitely boost the gaming performance.



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Keeping dust and smoke away from your gaming computer. Can an air purifier help?

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a very dusty computer

How often have you thought that your gadgets can hate dust and smoke just like you do? Well, yes they do and it has become a proven fact now. Dust especially,  is extremely bad for your gaming computer. Let’s read further to make you understand how that is possible.

Electronic gadgets are prone to get infected by dust and smoke around us just like we as humans are. These days, our houses and workspaces are full of dust and smoke (if you’re a smoker) .The carpets spread around our houses are the biggest dust trappers. These dust particles can be whipped up into the air when disturbed and can badly choke your electronic gadgets and cause them to not work properly.

The most common problem we usually see in electronic gadgets is overheating. While you may think that over-consumption might be one major reason for overheating; dust and smoke can be another reason as well. If you constantly end up using your gaming computer in a dusty room, chances are high that it will happen to get slow with time. Dust gets accumulated inside the machine and may cause your computer to overheat much quick every time you run it.

Cooling fans inside the computers and laptops may help fix the overheating but this does not tackle the root issue of the problem. Thus, we have to find a way to ensure that the surrounding air is cleaner and doesn’t damage our computers. Good quality air purifiers can really be a boon for this problem. Not only they clean the air and make our environment dust free but also reduce the damage caused to our electronic gadgets. If we talk more precisely then magnetic filters are primarily designed to stop the buildup of dust and smoke in the air. Getting an air purifier is a one-time investment that lets you breathe fresh and clean air every time. It is also a must in today’s world with so many pollutants and dust particles inside our houses. Air purifiers are cheap and quite easily available in the markets these days. Once you start using an air purifier in your house, you yourself will see a huge amount of difference in the air quality around you as you breathe it. In the meantime, don’t forget to clean the filter after few months.

Some people also tried to clean the heat sink attached to the motherboard of their computers in a while to ensure proper cleaning of the device. Also, another suggestion is to try and minimize the consumption of cigarettes near computers and laptops so as to cut down the smoke buildup. Above all, the idea of installing an air purifier never goes down when fighting against dust and smoke. All your electronic gadgets including your gaming computer is certainly going to thank you later for the same!